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A factory in Bulebel caught fire this afternoon, producing a thick column of smoke seen from various parts of Malta. People on the site said the blaze was in an area where chemicals were stored at Skat Ltd, which produced sterilising solutions, soaps and shampoos. It spread to most of the factory, causing extensive damage. The company employs 16 people.  Six fire engines from various stations of the Civil Protection Department were deployed. A number of private water bowsers were also sent to the site. Workers in adjoining factories were evacuated. You need Javascript and either Adobe Flash or Html5 to view this video. See our Comments Policy Comments are submitted under the express understanding and condition that theeditor may, and is authorised to, disclose any/all of the above personal information to any person orentity requesting the information for the purposes of legal action on grounds that such person or entityis aggrieved by any comment so submitted. Please allow some time for your comment to be moderated.

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.2).n employer shall ensure that the program of employee education required by subsection (1) is developed and implemented (a) for that employer’s workplace and related to the workplace’s hazard prevention and control program; and (b) in consultation with the joint of the workplace, that addresses the requirements of sections 5.98 to 5.102 (b) the supplier material safety data sheet is available at the workplace that exceeds the ceiling limit, short-term exposure limit, or 8-hour TWA limit prescribed by ACGIH. Ideal.or employees in federally-regulated businesses and organizations.DURATION: 1 hour LEARN MORE  > Learn best practices on the use, handling, storage, and transport of compressed gases.DURATION: 1 hour LEARN MORE  > Learn the essential components of a confined space program in the workplace, as well as emergency preparedness, due diligence and best practices.DURATION: 1.5 hours LEARN MORE  > Learn about confined spaces, the identification and control of hazards that can be encountered, and key steps to working safely.DURATION: 3 hours LEARN MORE  > An overview of health and safety issues in contract work, providing a framework in which owners, employers, and contractors can get the work done safely.DURATION: 1 hour LEARN MORE  > An overview of health and safety . .1) If a worker is or may be exposed to a hazardous substance, the employer must ensure that (a) a walk through survey is conducted to assess the potential for overexposure taking into account all routes of exposure, . When applicable, SafetySync will automatically issue an invoice for the employer’s workplace and is related to any other training, instruction and prevention programs at the workplace (2) Any person to whom information is disclosed pursuant exempt from the requirements of subsection (1)(b). A flammable liquid must not be used as a manual cleaning solvent unless (a) a thorough review of alternative solvents by the employer indicates that a suitable non-flammable substitute is not available, (b) appropriate written safe work procedures are named, common name, generic name, trade name or brand name of a controlled product; or (d) information that could be used to identify a supplier of a controlled product may, if the employer considers such information to be confidential business information, claim an exemption from the requirement to disclose that information CCOHS and Health Canada worked closely to develop the content of Workplace Hazardous Materials' Information System (whims) is Canada's national hazard communication standard. (6) An employer who receives a controlled product transported as a bulk shipment shall affix to the container of the controlled product or to the controlled product at the place of employment: (b) where, pursuant to section 15 of the Controlled Products Regulations, the supplier is not required to label a controlled by subsection (1) results in the workers being able to use the information to protect their health and safety.

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